Thursday, May 26, 2016

Greentest - Portable Nitrate Tester For Fruit and Vegetables

Greentest is a portable nitrate tester for fruit and vegetables, it help us detect harmful substances inside fresh fruits and vegetables. It is easy to use,  just 3 secends to get the results.

It determines the amount of nitrates in vegetables and fruits using a rapid analysis in just 3 seconds,  determines radiation in 10 seconds and gives us the answer to the actual question: "Does this product is harmful for my health or not?". It is absolutely essential device for the modern man, who cares about his health and the health of their children. The device is equipped with a database of 56 most common fruits and vegetables, and is calibrated on the basis of more than 1000 research in leading  laboratories

Greentest Product Show

 Why Need Greentest Nitrate Tester

Fertilizers that contain necessary elements for plant growth are used for cultivating fruits and vegetables. However, misuse of production technology, usage of prohibited fertilizers, pesticides and chemicals, as well as an increased level of fertilizer concentrations in the soil can all result in a serious damage to your health. Of all the substances that are transferred to the soil from fertilizers, nitrates are one of the most harmful if consumed in excess. Continuous intake of food with a high nitrate content may lead to an elevated risk of serious diseases, which is also a representative foodsafety problem.

Are you being exposed to dangerous agricultural chemicals? Many farmers apply too much fertilizer. This can result in unsafe levels of fruit nitrate and vegetable nitrate content. It’s especially dangerous to children as their inadequacy of food safety and sanitation awareness.

Nitrates and nitrites in fruit and vegetables: The risk to human health

Most health conscious people know about the dangers of pesticides in fresh fruit and vegetables. Few are aware that fresh fruit and vegetables expose them to dangerous nitrates.

Greentest Protect Healthy Eating 

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